Days 33, 34: Activity, Huh? Wellllll…

Pardon my silence, but the fact is that there is very little action to report here in Dahab. I’ve officially entered the Super Relaxation Portion of my trip to Egypt, and the last two days have been spent lazing around the ocean, swimming, snorkeling, reading, sipping Stellas while propped against a Bedouin cushion under an umbrella on the beach and gazing out across the Gulf of Aqaba to the mountains of Saudi Arabia. It doesn’t get much better, and I still have two days left before I head back to Cairo late Sunday night.

Actually, the snorkeling has been pretty eventful – one doesn’t have to go out too far here to get a gander at some incredible coral reefs, countless brightly colored fish, eels, sea-snails and all manner of other undersea wonders.

I’ve been harassing random vacationers to take pictures of me in and around Dahab and have given them all my email address so they might send me these photos, but so far none have come through. It would seem a little uncouth to pressure them for automatic transmission, given how blissed-out and carefree everyone is (and given the one stress-point of this glorious little backpacker-beach-town – the extreme pain and annoyance involved in getting oneself online… indeed, I’ve had to befriend a fairly tedious Canadian hippy to use his laptop and pen this post, since my own machine seems totally oblivious to the spotty WiFi present in parts of Dahab. Don’t get me wrong, I’m most grateful to this shiftless Canuck, and have expressed this by sponsoring the Stella he consumes currently. But even as I write, he drones on and on in my ear – he’s not so bad, though his constant use of the non-word “anyhoo” is somewhat grating), so I’ll just have to cross my fingers and wait.

AnyWAY, I’ve seen some tourists swinging around – it boggles the mind – underwater digital cameras (“wow,” right?), so tomorrow I’ll see if I can’t finagle my way into borrowing or renting one of these wonders of modern technology, and if at all possible I’ll post some shots of the teeming undersea population that I’m being treated to.

In the meantime, here’s a generic internet image of the Dahab coast, though it really doesn’t do any justice to just how idyllic this spot is.


Right! I must run now and get back to my very important agenda of Doing Almost Exactly Nothing – can’t get behind, you know.


3 Responses to “Days 33, 34: Activity, Huh? Wellllll…”

  1. lulu Says:

    Aaah, Annie, the R&R bit at last! Sounds fabulous, and I admire your tenacity and ingenuity in finding different ways to continue sending blogs, despite the many roadblocks you’ve encountered. What’s the night life like? Hip-hop-happening? The swimming and snorkeling, interspersed with some reading and Stella-sipping, sounds like a little bit of heaven, alright. xox

  2. El Matamoros Says:

    No camera — no laptop…. next stop: thmoke thignals! (Or, as it’s called about 2,500 miles south/southwest of where you’re currently parked, “Radio Tamtam!)

    Anyway, enjoy it while it lasts, kiddo!

  3. jfjasia2008 Says:

    haha, tedious canadian hippie… i love it. hilarious, annie. and yeah, enjoy it while you can – as you know, being almost completely cut off from the world is rare these days, and wonderful! hope you got a tan and drank some stellas on me. LOVE YOU

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